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We regulate the CPV industry to ensure services are safe and accessible.


Helping vessel operators, waterway and port managers to be safe on the water.


We're committed to achieving safe bus transport for the benefit of all Victorians.


MPTP assists with the travel needs of people with accessibility and mobility needs.
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News & Updates

Helping passengers with assistance animals 

Safe Transport Victoria’s newest industry program urges taxi and rideshare drivers to Drive with Heart and improve the experience for passengers travelling with assistance animals.

Posted 22 April 2024 in CPV

Boaters urged to remember essential safety equipment

Failing to carry a fire extinguisher, not having a torch, and not wearing a lifejacket were some of the safety concerns seen by Safe Transport Victoria safety inspectors during a recent operation at Lake Eildon.

Posted 20 March 2024 in Maritime

Driver prosecuted for defrauding Multi Purpose Taxi Program

ST Vic takes attempts to misuse MPTP funds seriously and investigates any fraudulent activity and prosecute offenders. In a recent court prosecution, a taxi driver was found guilty of defrauding the MPTP.

Posted 19 February 2024 in News

Boaters urged to remember their lifejackets

Boaters are being urged to prioritise their own safety after a joint compliance operation over the New Year long weekend found that nearly one out of five vessels had occupants not wearing lifejackets.

Posted 11 January 2024 in Maritime