‘Safe journeys, every time’.

These four simple words define our fundamental goal. It’s our north star. It’s how we define success.

We want to ensure that everyone who gets into a CPV, boards a bus or heads out on the water gets home safely.

Who are we?

We are the Victorian transport safety regulator that manages compliance, accreditation and registration for commercial passenger vehicles, buses and the maritime sector.

Our job is to help people travel safely on our roads and waterways. By working with our three industries, we help foster a safe and sustainable transport network for all Victorians.

We encourage innovation to create better journeys on our roads and waterways and we believe in education before enforcement.

Our Purpose

Working with industry and community to achieve safe transport outcomes.

We keep safety front and centre for all people using and operating transport, whether they are on roads or the water.

By working with partners we can achieve more and enhance our contribution to the community.

Our industries

Commercial passenger vehicles (CPVs) are commonly referred to as taxi and rideshare services, however they can also include hire cars and some buses. Driving instructor vehicles are also CPVs.

These services are often categorised as either unbooked (passengers hail them on the street or at a rank) or booked (when passengers book their trip in advance over the phone or via an app).

We work in partnership with the CPV industry to ensure services for customers are safe and accessible.

We help the CPV industry take responsibility for their services and we believe that everyone has a role to play in creating safe journeys.

Victoria is lucky to be home to many beautiful waterways.

Our work in this sector is to ensure safe vessel operations and waterways for the benefit of all Victorians.

We work closely with vessel operators along with waterway and port managers to provide education, support and direction. We conduct audits and investigations to ensure compliance with safety duties, and we also manage some incidents if they occur on the water.


You need a marine licence from ST Vic to be the master of a recreational powerboat, or a personal watercraft endorsement to operate a jet ski. Recreational powerboats must also be registered. Jet ski riders also need a personal watercraft endorsement.

We are also responsible for providing accreditation and licensing for marine pilots, pilot exempt masters, local knowledge certificate holders and harbour masters. We conduct audits and investigations to ensure compliance with safety duties, and we are the control agency for certain maritime casualties.

What counts as a vessel?

Water vessels, also known as watercraft, are vehicles designed to operate on water. There are many types of water vessels, including boats, ships, jet skis and kayaks. They can be as comfortable as a houseboat or as simple as an inflatable dingy.

Anyone who operates a bus service in Victoria with 10 or more seats for adults (including the driver) must be accredited by ST Vic.

This can mean a commercial bus service, a courtesy bus service, community and school buses and many more services.

Our job is to ensure all participants in the bus industry understand their safety duties under the law. Our Bus Safety Officers regularly undertake compliance and enforcement activities including site visits, audits and the issuing of improvements, prohibition and infringement notices. They also investigate and gather data on incidents.

Our values

The ST Vic values serve as a guiding principle for our actions and decisions.

Think Big

Reimagine what’s possible

Take Accountability

Drive it, deliver it, own it

Work as One

Share openly, question respectfully, build together

Create Impact

Empowered to pursue our purpose