The Annual Report

Safe Transport Victoria’s annual report is a comprehensive document that provides an overview of our performance over the preceding year.

The report outlines our operations, strategy, values and achievements for the year. It includes information about our service delivery, safety operations, governance and the work done in our people and culture space. It also outlines important financial information.

Our annual report is a valuable tool for our industries and stakeholders to understand the work we do.

Our first annual report will be available to view by the end of 2023.

You can view the former CPVV annual reports below, with former Transport Safety Victoria’s annual report summaries found on the Department of Transport and Planning website.

 Former CPVV annual reports:

Fare Monitoring Report

As part of our work as a safety regulator, we monitor fare and market trends in the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

As we build and grow our data set, we will be able to identify and analyse trends within the market, enhancing the information available to consumers and government about the economic performance of the industry.

The Accessibility Action Plan

On 1 July 2022, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) and Transport Safety Victoria merged to become Safe Transport Victoria.

Below is the CPVV Accessibility Action Plan 2021-2025, the first ‘disability action plan’ developed by the Victorian Government’s taxi, hire car and rideshare vehicle regulator. This was created as CPVV.

Despite our change in name, the Accessibility Action Plan 2021-2025 remains the same, and demonstrates our commitment to access and inclusion for people with disability or accessibility needs following action on the outcomes in the CPVV State of the Industry Report 2019 – Accessibility, and our overarching obligations in the Department of Transport and Planning’s Accessible Public Transport in Victoria Action Plan and the Victorian Government’s State Disability Plan.

Safe Transport Victoria is committed to working with the Department of Transport and Planning in its whole-of-journey approach for people with disability or accessibility needs to stay connected and provide increased community, social and economic participation by all.

Download the Accessibility Action Plan below: 

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

Safe Transport Victoria is committed to maintaining high levels of integrity and public trust.

Below is our Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy and Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Registers. The registers include offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality made to Safe Transport Victoria employees and others engaged by Safe Transport Victoria with a value over $50, whether accepted or not.

ST Vic – Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Policy