Boating Vic is a website and mobile application to help boaters, paddlers and personal watercraft (PWC) riders get prepared before heading out on the water.

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Information service

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Boating Vic Privacy

Your personal information is being collected by Safe Transport Victoria (ST Vic) in order to provide you with information in relation to conditions at boat ramps, and relevant educational content, as well as to enable you to register your account with us.

We may also use your information to carry out research activities and projects.

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If you do not provide the personal information requested (apart from any fields marked as optional), we will not be able to register your account with us or provide you with email communications regarding our services.

Safe Transport Victoria’s privacy policy provides further information about how you may access and correct the personal information that Safe Transport Victoria holds about you.


Why was Boating Vic created?

Boating Vic was created to provide waterway users with the relevant information to assist them to prepare for heading out on the water and returning home safely.

How does Boating Vic help users get prepared?

Boating Vic helps users get prepared by bringing together the right information on recreational boating, from the right agencies into the one place.

It also features: the largest list of ramps in Victoria, ramp cam vision across key locations, comprehensive localised weather information, warnings and notifications, facility information and safety advice.

Who created Boating Vic?

Boating Vic is brought to you by Safe Transport Victoria and Better Boating Victoria, in partnership with the following organisations: Victorian Fisheries Authority, Parks Victoria, Victoria Police, Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne), Emergency Management Victoria and the Victoria State Government.

Is the app free?

Yes, the Boating Vic app is free to download and there are no in-app purchases.

Does Boating Vic use my mobile/wi-fi data?

Yes, Boating Vic uses data.

Can Boating Vic be used offline?

Currently Boating Vic cannot be used offline, but we’re working on ways to allow this in the future.

Do I need to create an account?

No. You can use Boating Vic without creating an account, however creating a Boating Vic account allows users to customise their experience.

What are the benefits?

As a registered user, you can pin your favourite ramps to your homepage for a more streamlined experience. You can also specify your vessel type and interests, so that Boating Vic can display the most relevant information.

When will more camera feeds be available?

Over the coming months we’ll be working hard to bring more ramp cameras to various locations across Victoria. Follow Safe Transport Victoria on Facebook or X (formally Twitter) to keep up to date with the roll out, or subscribe to our Shipshape newsletter.

Why aren’t the ramp cams a live feed?

The photos are automatically updated every five minutes by the ramp cameras. The images are to give an indication of how busy the ramp and carpark may be and are displayed at a resolution not to reveal boat ramp user identities.

Will cameras be used for compliance?

No, the camera photos are updated every 5 minutes and we do not retain the photos.

The cameras do count how many launches are occurring every hour (no other data is captured about the launch beyond the number) and this data is shared with other agencies for usage analysis.

Why doesn’t Boating Vic host all ramp cameras in Victoria that are provided by other government departments?

We’re in the process of getting permission to host ramp cameras owned by other government agencies on Boating Vic.

Why doesn’t Boating Vic host all ramp cameras in Victoria that are provided by other agencies?

At present, due to privacy laws, we can’t incorporate privately owned cameras into Boating Vic. We’re looking at ways we can accommodate this in the future.

Boating Vic Contact

How do I provide content/photos to Boating Vic?

We welcome updated info and images for our ramp pages! Send us an email at

How do I report an error or give feedback?

To report a camera error, click ‘Report a camera problem’ on the ramp page.

To report other errors, or provide feedback, send us an email at

How do I provide feedback about boat ramps or other facilities?

For feedback on boat ramps and other facilities, please contact Better Boating Victoria and the facility and waterway managers for the relevant waterway. This contact information can be found under ‘Further information’ at the bottom of the ramp page