Safe journeys, every time. That’s our top priority at Safe Transport Victoria.

Drivers are here to help us, especially during busy events like the Grand Prix. Everyone plays a role in ensuring a pleasant trip. By treating drivers with respect, passengers can make the journey just as special as the destination. 



Here’s how we help you ride with confidence:

  • All rideshare vehicles have a CPV sticker on them
  • All drivers undergo background checks
  • All taxi and rideshare vehicles need to be registered with us
  • You can report any issues with your ride to us or the booking service provider
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle drivers need to pass an extra assessment to provide transport to passengers using a wheelchair

Every day, thousands of passengers use Victorian taxis, rideshares and buses to get where they need to go.

Here’s how you can be the ultimate passenger everyone wants to ride with!

  • Remember the vehicle is someone’s workplace so keep it clean!
  • Be punctual and communicate with your driver if you’re running late.
  • Show respect to your driver.
  • Always wear your seatbelt for your own safety. 
  • Provide honest feedback on your driver’s performance – and if you have a compliment to share make sure you do!