Doctor or Medical Practitioner Assessment

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Assessment to be completed by the applicant’s regular medical practitioner, psychologist / psychiatrist, optometrist / ophthalmologists may complete for vision related disabilities.

The MPTP assists Victorians who are prevented from independently using public transport because of a severe and permanent disability. People are only eligible for the MPTP if their disability is.

  • Permanent – for the term of a person’s life and not expected to improve
  • Severe – of a type that severely limits mobility and safe and independent on public transport; not mild or moderate.

Factors which cannot be taken into consideration in determining eligibility include:

  • A persons age
  • Lack of available transport
  • Eligibility to hold a driver licence

Please ensure that all sections are completed to prevent the application being returned to you and delaying the processing of the application. Your complete answers to the questions are critical in the assessment of the applicant’s eligibility.