Booking service providers and drivers and owners of wheelchair accessible commercial passenger vehicles (WAVs) are being warned to make sure all seatbelts and wheelchair harnesses are in good working order ahead of a safety blitz next month.

Throughout January and February, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria will be carrying out extra checks on WAVs to make sure these vital pieces of safety equipment are not putting any passengers at risk.

Some of the most vulnerable members of our community use WAVs for transport and their safety is our priority.

Authorised officers will be working across the state throughout January to identify any WAVs with poorly maintained equipment.

It’s part of a campaign targeting specific safety issues in addition to the regular checks carried out all year round.

Any WAVs with defective seatbelts and/or harnesses will be taken off the road until the issues are rectified.

Spot checks will be carried out on the road, as well as at CPVV’s Quality Assurance Centre. While the focus of the January blitz is wheelchair restraints, CPVV officers will also be checking vehicles for other issues – so it’s a good time for everyone to make sure they are complying with the law.

Owners and drivers of WAVs must meet a range of important requirements to ensure the safety of passengers. These include making sure that:

  • each vehicle has the necessary restraint systems to safely secure each wheelchair and its occupant
  • the vehicle has a functioning air conditioner/heater
  • all the equipment is maintained in good working order.

The full requirements for WAVs can be found here.

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