Bus Safety Victoria (BSV) teamed with highway patrols from Warrnambool and Hamilton and Hamilton local police to target buses being bringing punters to the Dunkeld races on Saturday.

Acting Director of Bus Safety, Lisa Faldon said it’s the third year a safety compliance mission has focused on bus safety at the event.

“Dunkeld is one of many events our team attends around Victoria. We have a risk-based program of work that demonstrates our commitment to the safety of bus passengers throughout Victoria.

“Bus operators are coming to expect us at events such as the Dunkeld races. A direct positive result is the reduction in compliance issues detected.

“We take a different focus each year based on what we have found previously plus trends in bus safety incidents and issues across the state.

“This year we targeted operators without appropriate accreditation, in addition to enforcing the safety management system requirements.

“Appropriate accreditation indicates required safety standards are being met.

“It is very pleasing that the majority of operators at this event were doing the right thing. We will be looking to catch people taking shortcuts with safety in the act and hold them accountable.”

Dunkeld races operations summary

  • 21 buses were inspected by BSV and the Victoria Police Highway Patrol.
  • Two operators were detected operating a commercial bus service without the required permission from BSV and were subsequently grounded*
  • One operator was detected operating a non-commercial bus service without the required permission from BSV and was subsequently grounded*
  • One driver was given a warning by police for not carrying a driver’s licence and driver certification while driving a bus.
  • Two drivers were given a warning by police for not carrying driver’s certification while driving a bus.

*These operators were required to make alternative arrangements for the passengers to get home.

“Operators detected over the weekend operating outside the law will be followed up by BSV and further action taken.

“BSV greatly appreciates the participation of Victoria Police in undertaking our compliance activities as it means that we can address a full range of bus safety related issues,” said Lisa Faldon.