As the school year starts and the summer holiday season ends, Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) is reminding students and workers returning from holidays to put safety first when using the public transport system.

David Hourigan, Director, Transport Safety, said that while operators are required to provide a safe service, commuters should be aware of their environment.

“All students and workers reasonably expect to arrive at school or work and return home safely. Equally, safety on the public transport system is a shared responsibility.

Over 125 people were struck by buses and trams in 2015 across the State, with many receiving serious injuries.

The safety principles are the same for passengers of buses or trams – follow the rules, don’t play the fool and be aware of what’s happening around you.

“When catching buses or trams, don’t approach the vehicle until it has stopped and be visible to the driver.

“When getting off the bus, don’t cross the road until you have a clear view of passing traffic.

“If your tram stop has no safety barriers, before you step off check for drivers who have forgotten that they must not pass a stationary tram,” Mr Hourigan said.

Mr Hourigan also said that distractions around public transport can be deadly and has urged passengers to behave responsibly and stay alert to their surroundings.

“For your own safety, avoid wearing headphones, sending text messages or playing games on a mobile phone around public transport.

“Don’t let distractions compromise your safety – make sure you are focused, particularly when getting on and off or approaching a tram or bus,” Mr Hourigan said.

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