28 August 2019

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) is inviting submissions on a draft Code of Practice for managers of boating activity events (any event involving a vessel, such as a kayak race or open water swimming race with support vessels).

The Code was developed to help event managers understand and comply with a safety duty introduced in 2018 under the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic).

The safety duty requires employers, or self-employed people, who are organising or managing an event (duty holders) to ensure the safety of participants and bystanders so far as is reasonably practicable.

Individual employees or volunteers are not subject to the safety duty.

Public consultation

MSV is asking for feedback on how easy the Code is to understand and how it can be made most relevant for duty holders.

You can read the draft Code and submit feedback until 27 September 2019 on the Engage Victoria website.

Feedback will be considered and, where appropriate, incorporated into the final version of the Code