From 1 July 2022, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) will merge with Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) to form a new entity, Safe Transport Victoria.

Safe Transport Victoria will oversee commercial passenger vehicle regulation, including driver accreditation, vehicle registration, medical assessments, and vehicle inspections. It will also oversee the bus and maritime industries, along with the Multi Purpose Taxi Program.

Tammy O’Connor has been named CEO of Safe Transport Victoria and will lead Safe Transport Victoria into a new era of delivering support and direction to operators, managers and users of these critical services via one point of contact.

CPV drivers do not need to reapply for driver accreditation or vehicle registration with Safe Transport Victoria, as CPVV’s driver and vehicle records will be transferred. After July 1, renewal notices will be sent by Safe Transport Victoria.

Safe Transport Victoria will strengthen how Victoria operates its transport regulatory functions, bringing together leading experts to deliver education, support and direction to the operators, managers and users of Victoria’s commercial passenger vehicles, bus and waterway systems.

Work is underway to create a Safe Transport Victoria website.