A crackdown on touting is ongoing at Melbourne Airport, designed to deter offenders from this activity which has been illegal in Victoria since 2019.

Anyone who approaches potential customers directly, or holds up a sign offering services, is breaking the law and can face fines of up to $10,000.

The offence of touting was re-introduced into the CPVI Act as a direct response to increased levels unsociable behaviour and allegations of harassment by touters, mainly occurring at Melbourne Airport.

CPVV has received reports stating that despite the introduction of touting laws, touting has resumed at multiple Melbourne Airport terminals due to increased domestic travel.

Enforcement officers will be out in full force as part of this intelligence-led operation, ensuring CPV drivers and passengers  are aware of touting laws and compliance. In this joint operation with Melbourne Airport and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), officers will be monitoring and recording activities, as well as issuing fines.

CPVV will continue to work with Melbourne Airport and the AFP to ensure commercial passenger vehicle drivers and passengers are aware of touting laws.