The Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) assists with the travel needs of people with accessibility and mobility needs by offering subsidised CPV fares to members.

In a recent court prosecution, a taxi driver was found guilty of defrauding the MPTP. The driver stole $12,957.62 by claiming fare subsidies for fake trips not taken by passengers. In some cases the driver also illegally held on the passenger’s MPTP card instead of returning it to the passenger at the end of the trip.

ST Vic takes attempts to misuse MPTP funds seriously and investigates any fraudulent activity and prosecute offenders.

The fraudulent activity was detected by ST Vic officers analysing trip data, who compiled evidence from trip transactions and in-car security camera footage and then prosecuted the driver in the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court.

The court ordered the driver to repay the stolen money and complete 150 hours of unpaid community work under a community corrections order with conviction. He now also has a criminal record.

The driver’s CPV accreditation was cancelled when he was charged with fraud.

MPTP is funded by taxpayers and is intended to help the travel needs of community members living with disability. Drivers and booking service providers must ensure all transactions are processed in accordance with the guidelines on this page.