23 June 2021

Mariners are advised that the Ex-HMAS OTAMA (Oberon class submarine) approximately 800 metres north of Crib Point refinery jetty in Western Port has listed significantly and has the risk of capsizing or possibly sinking imminently.

An exclusion zone has been established for the waters around the Ex-HMAS OTAMA currently at approximate position 38° 20.477’ S, 145° 13.445’ E.

The Director Maritime Safety (as Delegate of the Director, Transport Safety) considers that this is an emergency, and that because of this emergency, persons who are not authorised should not enter or remain in the exclusion zone.

Emergency direction

Persons, other than those authorised by Parks Victoria, the Director, Transport Safety (or delegate) or the Victorian Regional Channels Authority, must not enter or remain on the waters within 200 metres of the Ex-HMAS OTAMA where she rests, from the time of publication of this notice until further notice.

Mariners are directed not to enter or remain in the waters in the Exclusion Zone. This direction applies to waters in the Exclusion Zone.

This direction is published within temporary Notice to Mariners 202 of 2021

Update: 25 June

Buoys have been added to mark the exclusion zone – temporary Notice to Mariners 205 of 2021.

Enquiries related to this matter are currently being managed by Parks Victoria as the lead Victorian Government agency.