17 November 2021

Following Maritime Safety Victoria’s successful inflatable lifejacket clinics pilot, FloatSafe returns to show Victorian boaters how to do vital checks.

“Last summer our team spoke to hundreds of boaters who gave very positive feedback about how helpful they found the sessions. Many said they had bought inflatable jackets without realising they need to be regularly inspected,” said Shaun Rodenburg, Director Maritime Safety.

If you own an inflatable lifejacket in Victoria, you should self-inspect it once a year and have it fully serviced by an accredited service agent in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications (generally every three to five years).

“Lifejackets will only save your life if you’re wearing it and it works. We look forward to expanding the clinics this year, as boaters get back on the water after a series of restrictions. We’ll be sharing lots of other handy tips for a safe and enjoyable trip on the water.”

This season, clinics will be held December 2021 to February 2022, in accordance with COVIDSafe Settings.

MSV team members will guide you through the process of inspecting your jacket, giving you the knowledge you need to complete your annual self-inspections.

Attendees will receive a $30 voucher from a local retailer to go towards a new lifejacket, lifejacket service kit, or other safety equipment as mandated by Victoria’s Marine Safety Regulations 2012.

Be sure to register and bring your inflatable jacket with you, or you may not be able to take part.

View FloatSafe clinic dates and locations.