With Victorians and visitors expected to flock to waterways across the state this summer, reminding them about safe behaviours on the water is critical.

Transport Safety Victoria’s (TSV) maritime branch has launched its annual summer safety campaign to raise awareness of the five points boaters and paddlers need to know before heading out on the water.

The ‘Prepare to Survive: Know the Five’ campaign has been running since 2018, and features videos from local boaters and paddlers who got into trouble on the water. TSV says it’s a critical campaign designed to reduce serious injury and fatalities over the summer boating season.

“Market research tells us that Victorian boaters, fishers, kayakers and paddle-boarders get into strife by not knowing or practising safe behaviours like wearing lifejackets, checking the weather, and locking in a buddy plan,” explains Gareth Johnson, TSV’s Manager, Recreational Boating Safety.

“TSV is committed to addressing these behavioural risks through our annual campaign, which is designed to promote better behaviour that in turn helps reduce incidents and fatalities.”

Last year, the campaign notched over 11,000 clicks across social media, with videos being viewed by prospective boaters and paddlers almost 40,000 times.

“Eyes and ears on our campaign means more Victorians and visitors thinking about their boating behaviour. Awareness is the first step for seasoned boaters, paddlers and newcomers to enjoy their experiences on Victoria’s unique waterways.”

“With the Victorian Government’s ‘Stay Close, Go Further’ tourism campaign in full swing, we’re preparing for a bumper summer boating season on coastal and inland waterways. And after months of coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, we know there will be people on the water for the first time this season, which is why the message is so important this year.”

So, do you know the five?

If you are planning to go boating or kayaking this summer – or know someone who is – visit the Prepare to Survive: Know the Five campaign website to learn ‘the five’.

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