Community members are encouraged to have their say on a proposal by Safe Transport Victoria to amend speed restrictions for vessels (boats and paddlecraft) on Lake Colac.

The proposal is for the 5-knot speed limit to be amended to enable a wider range of boating activities to safely take place on the lake now that the water depth has returned to a sustainable level.

The proposed rules also aim to address specific safety concerns such as low water level operation and other hazards, by setting out different rules for times when water levels are lower, enabling boating and water-based activities to take place safely.

The specific proposed rule changes can be found on the consultation page on Engage Vic site at:

The consultation will run from Thursday 23 May until Thursday 20 June.

Community feedback will be considered before determining any changes to the waterway rules for Lake Colac and once an outcome is reached, ST Vic will publish a Reasons for Decision summary on the ST Vic website and Engage Victoria.


Quote attributable to Chris Banks, Executive Director Safety Strategy and Regulation, Safe Transport Victoria:

“We encourage all community members and users of Lake Colac to have their say on the proposed changes.

“The focus of the proposed change is to allow a greater range of boating activity to take place without compromising safety on the lake.

“As Victoria’s safety regulator for recreational boating, our priority is to ensure recreational boating activities are carried out safely.”