Most kids in Victoria are off school until Monday 3 October, and Transport Safety Victoria is seeing the usual holiday spike in rocks and eggs being thrown at buses.

Drivers and passengers have been shaken up by these incidents, and there is a risk that the attacks could cause a serious accident.

Evidence from bus operators and Victoria Police has identified youngsters, particularly between the ages of 10 and 16, as the group most likely to be involved in rock throwing.

In an effort to combat this trend, TSV is backing an education program to support safe bus travel and address a range of anti-social behaviours involving buses.

A trial by TAC and Bus Association Victoria is currently underway at a number of schools, with an aim to launch an interactive education program about safe and responsible behaviour in 2017.

The program includes a teacher kit, materials, presentations and activities for students to participate in. The initiative is designed for students at different age levels, and is to be incorporated into the normal school curriculum.