Our compliance activities are an essential part of our regulatory role in providing public confidence in bus safety.

It’s important that Victoria’s bus fleet meets strict safety standards. In fact, it’s not just important – it’s the law.

In addition to our year round bus safety compliance schedule, sometimes we are provided with tip-offs about rogue operators or questionable bus services that are putting the Victorian community at risk.

One such tip-off from a member of the public who had concerns about some bus services in Healesville and Shepparton has led to a number of illegal bus operators now facing enforcement action.

Our bus safety team conducted two compliance activities in the past week which uncovered unaccredited and unregistered operators providing bus services illegally. Further investigations will occur as to whether the vehicles meet roadworthy standards.

A number of the illegal bus services have been issued with notices previously, but have chosen to continue with their business despite being in contravention of the law.

Penalties for operating a bus service without accreditation can attract a $36,000 fine for individual operators and up to $182,000 for companies and body corporates.

Don’t risk it! Be sure of your bus safety duties with accreditation or registration