Invitation for submissions – notice of proposed declaration under section 7(2) of the Bus Safety Act

The Director, Transport Safety (Safety Director) intends to declare a vehicle that was not built to comply with the Australian Designs Rules for a passenger omnibus to be a bus within the meaning of the Bus Safety Act 2009 (Vic) (Bus Safety Act).

Pursuant to section 7(2) of the Bus Safety Act, the Safety Director must advise operators and sectors of the bus industry that will be affected by the proposed declaration, if declared, and provide those operators and sectors with an opportunity to make submissions in relation to the proposed declaration.


A consortium is trialling the use of an autonomous vehicle (the vehicle) within the grounds of La Trobe University in Bundoora. The vehicle will be used to transport registered passengers (students and members of the general public) across the metropolitan campus. The purpose of this trial is to inform and create readiness within the private and public sectors and broader transport industry regarding the challenges and opportunities associated with the future deployment of autonomous vehicles in Australia.