In May, officers from Transport Safety Victoria joined forces with personnel from the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police Heavy Vehicle Unit and VicRoads to conduct a compliance activity at Melbourne Airport.

Drivers were tested for drugs and alcohol and had their licence and accreditation checked, while buses and attached trailers were examined for roadworthiness.

In total 31 buses and 15 trailers passed through the check point, resulting in:

  • Eight buses issued with defect notices for worn tyres, brakes and glazing
  • Two buses had to be towed, one for severely worn tyres and the other for not having an operating park brake. In both instances passengers had to disembark and wait for a replacement bus
  • Five trailers issued with defect notices for worn tyres, wheel bearings and couplings
  • Two trailers were taken away by tow truck due to the severity of their worn tyres, wheel bearings and couplings.

Airport buses

Photos: Passengers had to disembark, a bus being towed


The following infringement notices were issued:

  • Three to drivers for failing to maintain their National Driver Work Diary
  • One driver for driving without a current driver accreditation
  • Two drivers for using  unsafe vehicle
  • Two drivers for using unsafe trailer.

Further compliance activities at Melbourne Airport will occur in the future.

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Follow-up visit

Following the Melbourne Airport compliance operation, Transport Safety Victoria organised an early morning multi-agency visit to the premises of an accredited bus operator that had been found to be using defective buses.

TSV’s Bus safety compliance team worked alongside the Victoria Police Heavy Vehicle Unit and VicRoads Transport Safety Services Officers.

All buses at the premises were inspected by the VicRoads officers while the TSV and VicPol officers examined maintenance, driver and fatigue management records.

TSV is considering further enforcement action.

TSV thanks VicPol and VicRoads for their contributions to our education and compliance efforts across the bus industry in recent times.

VicPol and VicRoads regularly assist our transport safety officers in joint operations to ensure that buses are roadworthy, the drivers appropriately licensed, and that bus operators hold the required accreditation or registration.