otices to Mariners (NTMs) are an official notification issued to mariners providing advice on aids to navigation (AtoNs) and any safety issues, dangers or hazards to navigation within chartered waters of which authorities have knowledge.

Ports, Maritime Safety Victoria and managers of AtoNs issue NTMs for Victorian enclosed waters and coastal waters within 3NM.

Example Victorian NTMs could include installation of wave buoys, dredging works or changes to AtoNs. View all Victorian NTMs on the Victorian Regional Channels Authority website.

Parks Victoria also produces Notices to River Users (NTRUs) for the Yarra River and Maribyrnong River to advise of works, events or closures on these waterways.

Gippsland Ports also issues Local Navigation Warnings providing notification of changes in conditions within Gippsland Ports’ waters that could affect the safe and efficient movement of shipping in waters not covered by an Admiralty chart.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and the Australian Hydrographic Service issue NTMs for Australian territorial waters (beyond 3NM).