28 October 2020

Maritime Safety Victoria, a branch of Transport Safety Victoria, is the state maritime safety regulator responsible for the oversight of Victoria’s maritime sector including:

  • recreational boating
  • waterway management and regulation
  • ports and shipping.

Here we run through some of the key work in these areas from 2019-2020, summarised in video form below.

We want every boater to return home safely from a trip on the water.

Recreational boating

In numbers

  • 9,000+ people engaged with by our education team at 70+ events and seminars
  • 200,000+ vessels registered
  • 168,000+ marine licences issued or renewed
  • 1130+ reported recreational marine incidents. We undertook 20+ investigations on significant incidents.
  • 1200+ vessels inspected across Victoria’s coastal and inland waterways
  • 30+ maritime Transport Safety Officers from other agencies appointed or retrained to undertake vessel inspections

Boating Vic

We launched the Boating Vic website and app to help boaters and paddlers make informed decisions about where and when to go boating. Boating Vic hosts ramp information and cameras, as well as localised weather.

Annual campaign

Prepare to survive is supported by five calls to action:

  • Know the weather
  • Practise getting back on
  • Carry a distress beacon
  • Lock in a buddy plan
  • Wear a lifejacket.

We surveyed 1,137 boaters and 307 paddlers in Victoria about the campaign. Some 96% of boaters and 89% of paddlers said they agreed the message was important.

Safer vessels

MSV led a review of the Australian Builders Plate Standard to improve safety outcomes associated with vessel design and operation.

We also made use of Safety Director powers under the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) to prohibit the operation of a vessel on State waters if the vessel is in a poor condition.


Ports and shipping

  • In January 2020 we introduced the new Determination: Licensing and training requirements for Marine Pilots in Victorian Ports.
  • We issued 340+ commercial qualifications including pilotagelocal knowledge and pilot exempt masters.


Bushfires and pandemic response

In December and January, MSV staff worked in the Rescue Coordination Centre, freeing up Victoria Water Police for the bushfire response. Our staff also supported the state emergency control centre.

We supported marine licence accredited training providers to go online and provided expertise into the coronavirus (COVID-19) boating restrictions and management.