Shaun Rodenburg has been appointed Transport Safety Victoria’s Director, Maritime Safety for the remainder of 2021 – during Cameron Toy’s tenure as Director, Transport Safety.

Mr Rodenburg moves into the role from his position as TSV’s Director of Operations. Prior to that, he was Director, Bus Safety.

He began his career in the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and went on to 15 years in state and federal regulation.

“I find being a regulator fascinating and rewarding in that the work requires me to find ways to maximise public value by setting standards, permissioning against those standards then enforcing them – usually in very dynamic environments,” Mr Rodenburg said.

“To do these things effectively and efficiently requires a great deal of engagement and co-operation with stakeholders across the relevant sector, and it is these interactions and their resulting outcomes which I find most gratifying.”

During his time at TSV, Mr Rodenburg has been involved in reviewing marine safety legislation and related decisions – and will expand on this work in his new role.

“While we need to remain flexible to COVID-19 challenges, I will focus on finding ways to be a more effective and efficient regulator. We will continue – and enhance – oversight of ports and shipping, waterway management and recreational boating.

“I’m looking forward to meeting a range of stakeholders and working with them to make marine activities in Victoria as safe as we possibly can – in line with objects of the Marine Safety Act.”

The objects of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) are to promote:

  • the safety of marine operations
  • the effective management of safety risks in marine operations and in the marine operating environment
  • continuous improvement in marine safety management
  • public confidence in the safety of marine operations
  • involvement of relevant stakeholders in marine safety
  • a culture of safety among all participants in the marine operating environment.