Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) has appointed Lisa Faldon as Director, Bus Safety.

Lisa had been Acting Director for the past 14 months, and has worked in transport safety for 15 years – focussing on risk management.

“Since working in the area of bus regulation I have gained a heightened appreciation of the bus industry, its networks, its grass roots traditions – and the pride that drivers and operators take in getting people home safely,” said Lisa.

At TSV, Lisa has also been Acting Director, Maritime Safety and in recent years the Manager of Research, Strategy and Risk.

Lisa’s key achievements during this time include implementation of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) and associated regulations, and management of the waterway management function during a significant period of review. She also commissioned and led a number of pieces of behavioural research in the area of recreational boating activity.

Lisa works to ensure that all operators, from the small-scale owner operators to international transport companies, are meeting their responsibilities to their passengers for the safety of their service.

“As the bus safety regulator for Victoria I rest easy at night knowing that the vast majority of the industry are responsible, committed to safety and co-operate proactively and with great integrity in the safe operation of their bus businesses.

“However – like all industries we have our bad apples, and we are determined and committed to bring these to light and hold them accountable for their deficiencies.

“That means having a much greater presence in the field. Our in-field compliance team and activities will continue to grow.

“You can also expect to hear about us spending much more time in court.

“I am very committed to ensuring that, where it is the appropriate course of action to take, that we prosecute serious offences in court,” said Lisa.

With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA), Lisa combines her academic acumen with data-based evidence to provide practical results-driven guidance on Victoria’s bus fleet safety.

Pictured: Lisa with David Hourigan, Director, Transport Safety (right) and a transport safety officer from the bus team (left).