9 January 2019

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) is carrying out an inspection program into boating industry compliance with the Australian Builders Plate (ABP) Standard.

The ABP Standard requires that a plate – displaying information such as the maximum number of people and engine power on board – be affixed to the majority of new recreational boats, including imported boats.

MSV will assess compliance with fitting the plate in Victoria, including the method of calculating the required figures.

The ABP tells boaters what is considered safe for their vessel. Be aware that modifications may reduce the boat’s total load capacity.

Boats up to 6m in length must also display a buoyancy statement on the ABP. MSV recommends boat buyers choose ‘level flotation’, because this improves the likelihood of the boat remaining upright if it takes on water. This means that boaters have a better chance of remaining in their vessel and accessing their safety gear.

The builder or importer is responsible for fixing the plate to the boat in a position where it can be seen by the operator when getting the boat underway.

MSV is also working with the maritime authorities from other states to improve ABP compliance within industry across the country.

If you are involved in the manufacture, trade, import or supply of new powered recreational vessels in Victoria and would like to know more, please contact the Maritime Technical Services team at MSV on (03) 9095 4424.

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