If you commit Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) fraud, you could end up with a criminal record.

Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) manages the MPTP, which provides subsidised travel for people with disability or accessibility needs.

The warning follows the prosecution at Geelong Magistrates’ Court of a commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) driver who falsely claimed more than $1600 in lifting fees by fraudulently using MPTP members’ cards. CPV drivers receive a lifting fee when they transport MPTP members who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Tammy O’Connor, CPVV’s Director, Legal, Governance and Regulatory Services, said any driver who abused the system could expect significant consequences.

“This is a serious crime that takes taxpayers’ funds away from a service that is a lifeline for some of Victoria’s most vulnerable people,” she said.

“We have a range of processes in place to identify fraudulent MPTP transactions and if you are not sticking to the rules, you will get caught.

“No matter what the level of fraud, criminal action may be taken. You could lose your right to work in the CPV industry and may have to live with a criminal record.”

The driver sentenced at Geelong Magistrates’ Court admitted 78 charges of claiming funds by deception.

He was sentenced to an 18-month good behaviour bond and ordered to repay CPVV the $1607.20 that was fraudulently obtained. He will also pay costs of $236.95 plus $500 to the magistrates’ court.

His driver accreditation had already been suspended for more than a year by the time the case reached court. The driver remains suspended while CPVV’s disciplinary process takes place.

Drivers and booking service providers have a responsibility to ensure all transactions are processed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Correct Charging of Fares document PDF, 439.0 KB.