On Thursday 20 December 2018, Bus Safety Victoria (BSV) suspended the accreditation of an accredited operator for three months due to ongoing non-compliances. The operator will not be able to operate as a commercial bus service during the suspension period.

BSV has worked with the operator in an attempt to bring their Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) compliance to an acceptable level under the Bus Safety Act 2009 (Vic) for more than 18 months. Two audits undertaken since July 2017 have identified numerous non-compliances with regard to conducting of vehicle safety inspections within required time-frames and clearance of defects.

As the safety regulator for the bus industry suspension of accreditation is a serious course of action able to be taken when education and guidance do not rectify safety issues that reduce the integrity of the Victorian bus fleet. Under certain circumstances, continued non-compliances can result in cancellation of accreditation.

BSV will continue to work with the operator with regards to their intentions to reinstating their accreditation.