Annual Safety Inspections:

The Bus Safety Act 2009 requires accredited (and previously registered bus operators) to ensure that each bus that is used to provide a bus service undergoes an annual safety inspection by a licenced bus tester.

If it has been less than 12 months since the annual inspection of a bus, that bus does not require an annual inspection prior to being used again. Once the 12 month anniversary is reached, that bus will then require its annual inspection.

If it has been 12 months or more since the annual inspection of a bus, that bus requires an annual inspection, even if only for one trip.

Further information on your annual safety inspection obligations can be found on our website here. You can also find useful interactive maps to help you find a licenced bus tester.

Vehicle Safety Inspections:

Accredited operators must complete a Vehicle Safety Inspection (commonly referred to as a VSI) as per their Maintenance Management System (MMS).

VSIs are usually performed at 3 month intervals or at 10,000 km. Whichever takes the least amount of time to occur.

If your bus has not been used during the pandemic period and you are now preparing for your business to restart: before you operate the bus again (even for one trip), you must ensure a current VSI is undertaken on that bus.

If you have recently (within the previous 3 months) undertaken an annual inspection, then a VSI is not required. However, you cannot substitute a VSI for an annual inspection.

Information on your obligations regarding your MMS can be found on our website here.

The diagram below illustrates which inspection is required for which time period:

Annual = Annual Safety Inspection – these are required to be undertaken by a licenced bus tester

VSI = Vehicle Safety Inspection – these are required periodically according to each operator’s maintenance regime schedule.  For most operators VSIs are undertaken at least every 3 months

Pre-trip = Pre-trip inspection – these are required before the first trip taken by each bus on any day

Speedometer photographs:

Operators were required to photograph their bus speedometers when buses were parked up during the pandemic. Prior to those buses going into operation again, a second photograph of the speedometer is required to prove the bus was not used. These images must be kept, because they may be viewed during audits or compliance activities.

If you have any questions about what you are required to do, please feel free to contact