Maritime Safety Victoria is helping personal watercraft (PWC) riders play by the rules.

It is important to remember that PWCs such as jet skis are just another type of powered vessel and must be operated within the rules relating to powerboats.

PWCs are generally much more powerful and manoeuvrable than traditional powerboats. They can pose a danger to the operator and to other people if not ridden safely and responsibly.

The main complaint about the operation of PWCs relates to their use too close to other water users and/or the water’s edge.

Speed and distance regulations must be observed on all waterways, unless a specific local rule says otherwise.

Do not exceed 5 knots:

  • within 50 m of a person, vessel, fixed or floating structure and the shore on inland waters
  • within 50 m of a person, vessel, wharf, jetty, slipway, diving platform or boat ramp on coastal and enclosed waters
  • within 100 m of a dive flag
  • within 200 m of the shore on enclosed and coastal waters
  • or as per the scheduled waterway rules.

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Observe speed and distance rules