Results of an investigation into a recent bus incident in which smoke was observed coming from the rear of a school bus.

The source of the smoke was identified as a smouldering electrical fire in the rear header of the bus caused by overheating of the school bus flashing light reflector.

The investigation concluded that the school bus was fitted with inappropriate light globes. In this instance the globe fitted was a 50 watt globe, whereas the maximum rating permissible for the type of fitting is a 35 watt globe. Allegedly the rating was only visible on full disassembly of the light fitting.

Bus Safety Victoria recommends that bus operators examine the wattage of the school bus lights fitted to their buses to ensure compliance with the maximum wattage ratings as determined by the respective manufacturer.

For further information about this matter, and/or bus legislative requirements in Victoria, please contact Andrew Chlebica, Manager Compliance and Information, on (03) 9655 6873. This advice is effective immediately.

Approved by Stephen Turner – Director, Bus Safety.