14 October 2022


Goulburn River downstream of Lake Eildon Pondage extending to Seymour.

  • Be aware that water flows are anticipated to be higher and stronger than usual.
  • Beware of waterways during and after heavy rain. Waterways may contain debris such as trees and logs, with increased potential for snags, logjams under bridges and debris creating barriers across all or part of the river and may also cause entrapment.
  • Accumulation of debris is or may be present at the following Goulburn River bridges:
    • Back Eildon Road bridge at Thornton (near caravan park)
    • Gilmore’s Bridge downstream of Thornton
    • Breakaway Road bridge upstream of Alexandra
    • Maroondah Highway bridge at Alexandra
    • Cremona Bridge upstream of Molesworth
    • Goulburn Valley Highway bridge at Molesworth
  • Hazardous conditions are expected to remain for the next few weeks until water levels subside.
  • Paddlers and boaters are reminded to check the river conditions before launching. Goulburn Broken Rainfall and River Conditions (bom.gov.au)
  • Let someone know before you go, wear a lifejacket, and carry a distress beacon.
  • Know what to do if an incident occurs: What to do in an emergency | Safe Transport Victoria



Cameron Toy
Director Maritime Safety