SA. Maritime No. 2016 – 01. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

As parts of Victoria dry out, previously navigable waterways are now smaller and shallower. There is an increased danger of collision with submerged objects and debris in lowering waters. Chances are the waterway is not the same as you remember.

  • Exercise caution when operating on inland waterways and keep a lookout for navigation hazards or other debris such as logs
  • If waterskiing or undertaking high speed sports, always check the area first for hazards
  • Maintain a safe speed and remember, a five knot speed limit may apply within 50m of the water’s edge and always applies within 50m of a swimmer or another vessel
  • Keep an eye out for new signage and buoyage markers
  • Always wear your lifejacket and tell someone where you are going
  • Contact your local waterway manager to check current restrictions, exclusion zones and operating rules.

Warning signs include: