Ensuring the safety of all boaters is our top priority and so we would like to share some critical information regarding cabin cruisers.  

This communication stems from a recent Coronial Investigation into an incident involving a second-hand Halvorsen cabin cruiser (40, 42, and 44 vessels) off the coast of New South Wales in early 2020, resulting in a man’s death. 

In response to this incident, we have reached out to all the current owners of this vessel type to report on the key findings from the inquest.  

To enhance safety of all boaters, we would like you to consider the following actions, particularly if you currently own a cabin cruiser: 

Review your vessel: Should your vessel be of similar configuration to the vessels listed (i.e a cabin cruiser with flybridge) consider the findings in relation to your vessels and the waterways you use it on.   

Confirm boat’s seaworthiness: Confirm that your boat is fit for its intended purposes, in good condition, and suitable for expected operating conditions (water states, climate, weather, etc.). More info on this is available here 

Consider second-hand purchases: Be especially cautious when purchasing a used boat, as modifications may have been made that you should the new owner could be unaware of, potentially affecting the vessel’s safety.   

Seek expert advice: Should you have any concerns about the capabilities of your vessel, or any potential vessel, consult with a marine survey or similar. A list of providers is available here. 

Consider Build Standards: When purchasing a boat in the future, take into account build standards and discuss with the seller whether the boat meets current national or internationally accepted safety standards. 

Contact Information: 

If you have any questions or concerns relating to this matter, please email us directly at contact@safetransport.vic.gov.au, referencing “Halvorsen Vessel Enquiry.”