15 October 2022

SA. No. 2022-04

Safety alerts are published by Safe Transport Victoria (ST Vic) under section 197 of the
Transport Integration Act 2010 (Vic) to promote the safe operation of transport services.
Safety alerts are intended to provide information only and must be read in connection with
obligations under relevant legislation.

Direction to waterway users of the temporary closure of the Maribyrnong River and Lower
Yarra River due to safety risks posed by flood conditions.

  • Issues
    The Maribyrnong River and Lower Yarra River are currently closed to persons.
  • Emergency directions have been issued for all persons to not enter or remain in the
    following waters:

    • Maribyrnong River – from Deep Creek (at Keilor) downstream to the
      confluence with the Yarra River.
    • Yarra River – from Dights Falls downstream to the Southern Drip  Line of the Westgate  Bridge.
  • There is an increased danger of extreme currents and water movement, submerged
    objects and debris such as logs and other objects floating on and under the surface.
  • Hazardous conditions are expected to remain until water levels subside.
  • Paddlers and boaters are reminded to beware of waterways during and after heavy
  • Let someone know before you go, wear a lifejacket, and carry a distress beacon.



Cameron  Toy

Director, Maritime Safety

Delegate of Safe  Transport Victoria