Fines totalling almost $50,000 have been issued to drivers during a month-long blitz on commercial passenger vehicle signage.

By law, drivers of booked commercial passenger vehicle services must display a sign, symbol, notice or label identifying it as a CPV when it is in service. This signage must be positioned so it cannot be removed by someone sitting in the driver’s seat.

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Throughout December 2019, Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria carried out extra checks on vehicles operating across Victoria. As well as checking signage, authorised officers looked for other breaches of legislation.

While the vast majority of drivers were found to be doing the right thing and sticking to the law, a total of 26 infringement notices were issued.

  • Twenty were for failing to indicate the vehicle was a CPV (each offence carrying a fine of $1,983)
  • Two were for positioning the CPV signage where it could be removed ($413)
  • Three were for providing a CPV service without driver accreditation ($1,983)
  • One was for failing to carry a certificate of accreditation while driving ($207)

The signage blitz was the first in a series of targeted campaigns organised by CPVV to draw attention to particular safety and regulatory issues. These are in addition to the regular checks carried out all year round.

Throughout January and February 2020, CPVV is focusing on ensuring harnesses and restraints in wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are in good working order.

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