Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria is putting the spotlight on safety with a series of targeted checks over the coming months.

Our compliance officers work all year round to make sure drivers and passengers know the rules and stick to them.

But over the next few months we’ll be carrying out extra targeted operations designed to help keep everyone safe.

In December, our officers will be specifically checking that booked commercial passenger vehicles (CPVs) are displaying the correct commercial passenger vehicle signage.

All commercial passenger vehicles must display a sign, symbol, notice or label identifying it as a CPV when it is in service. This signage must be positioned so it cannot be removed by someone sitting in the driver’s seat. Drivers who fail to indicate the vehicle is a CPV will be fined $1983, and if the signage is in the wrong position, they will be fined $413.

Checks will be carried out across Victoria and while the focus is on signage, our officers will also be looking out for any other issues with vehicles – so it’s a good time for everyone to make sure they are complying with the law.

Future campaigns will focus on other aspects of safety and compliance.

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