A CPVV system error has resulted in a number of accredited CPV drivers, bus drivers and driving instructors not being submitted for all weekly police checks between July 2018 and January 2021.

We have investigated and fixed this technical issue with our system to ensure this cannot happen again and all accredited drivers and authorised driving instructors are now included in the Data Matching List that is sent to Victoria Police on a weekly basis.

To guard against this issue arising again, data integrity and validation audits will be run on this process.

We are now working closely with Victoria Police on an in-depth assessment of each record to ensure our processes for assessing affected drivers are rigorous and that appropriate systems are in place to ensure the error is not repeated.

The vast majority of drivers accredited with CPVV are unaffected and will not be impacted by this. However, there are 2,950 accredited drivers and/or authorised driving instructors whose name matches a person with a police record that need to be examined further.

These persons will now undergo further assessment as follows:

  • Victoria Police is validating the identities of the 2,950 to confirm that the person accredited or authorised by CPVV is identical to the person with a Victoria Police record.
  • Of those that are confirmed to have a police record, CPVV will determine whether the relevant charges and/or convictions have previously been considered and assessed by CPVV.
  • Of those new records not previously considered, CPVV will undertake a further assessment to determine the individual’s suitability to continue to operate as a CPV driver, bus driver or authorised driving instructor. This will be determined based on the severity and nature of the offence committed.
  • Some of the charges and findings of guilt reflected in the police record may have been previously considered by CPVV and no action will be required. Similarly some low-level offending may not require any action.
  • Action will be taken by CPVV against drivers deemed unsuitable to be operating in the CPV industry. We will be contacting them directly notifying them that we are suspending or cancelling their accreditation.

We expect these processes to be complete over the next 4-6 weeks.

There is no need for any BSP or industry participant to take any action at this stage.