Fines of up to $2,181 handed out to touts at Melbourne Airport show how serious CPVV is about tackling touting.

In the past month, CPVV compliance officers have fined seven touts operating at the airport’s arrivals terminal. A six-week blitz last year also led to 19 touts being fined.

Touting is making unsolicited offers of passenger vehicle transport either verbally or via written signs. It has been illegal since 2019.

Chris Banks, Director Safety Operations and Policy, CPVV, said tackling touting is a priority for CPVV as touts undercut legitimate commercial passenger vehicle drivers.

“We regularly have compliance officers at Melbourne Airport and other busy locations to deter touting, including officers conducting covert and undercover surveillance,” he said. “Passengers accepting rides from touts also need to understand the driver may be unlicenced and the cost of the journey could be greater than a standard taxi or rideshare fare.”

The maximum penalty for touting is $10,904.40. If touts turn out to be licenced commercial passenger vehicle drivers, they also risk a review of their CPV licence.

As the safety regulator for the commercial passenger vehicle industry, CPVV’s primary focus is the safety of drivers and passengers.