Live DJs, virtual reality headsets and freebies from a food truck helped reinforce Cool your Jets jet ski safety messaging this summer.

Safe Transport Victoria ran a trio of beach-side events to engage directly with jet skiers, offering entertainment, free food and merchandise giveaways to reinforce important safety messages.

The three weekend events were held at two locations popular with jet skiers: Safety Beach (Saturday 13 January, Saturday 10 February) and Patterson River (Saturday 27 January).

Talking directly with jet skiers is essential to reach audiences who may not engage with safety messaging sent out through digital and traditional media.

Instagram star Teddy (@Tedsthetics) guest-starred at the third activation on February 10 at Safety Beach, using his unique style to promote safer riding with ‘Cool your jets’ messaging, as seen in this video:

The video above opens with Teddy sitting on a trailer-mounted jet ski. This jet ski was paired with a virtual-reality headset at the activations to provide jet skiers with a virtual-reality experience illustrating the risk of high speed within a safe environment, showing how to safely ride a jet ski and the consequences of getting it wrong on the water.

The most important safety rule for jet skiers is to slow down to 5 knots when within 50 metres of other vessels and swimmers.

Another important rule to follow is the 5 knots speed limit that exists close to the shoreline (with rules for different types of waterways). On coastal and enclosed waters the speed limit applies within 200 metres of the shore, on bayside beaches at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula it’s 500 metres, and on most inland waters it’s 50 metres.