Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) is taking steps to reduce pressure on the state’s health services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

From 13 May 2020 until further notice, anyone applying for accreditation as a commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) or bus driver will not have to submit a medical report from a doctor.

Instead they can complete a medical self-assessment, on the basis that successful applicants will be asked to provide a full doctor’s report once restrictions relating to COVID-19 are lifted.

This is a temporary measure designed to minimise pressure on the Victorian health system. It takes into account industry feedback on difficulties drivers are experiencing in making appointments with their doctors. It will also make it easier for new drivers to enter the commercial passenger vehicle industry at a time when CPV services are essential.

Safeguards remain in place to protect the public.

All accredited drivers are required to notify CPVV within seven days of any changes to their health which may affect their fitness to provide commercial passenger vehicle or bus services.

Action will be taken against any new applicants who have their accreditation approved and are later found to have submitted false information on their medical self-assessment.

The move is part of a government-wide effort to find ways of reducing the burden that existing regulatory processes are putting on the health system during the pandemic.

Other agencies have introduced similar measures. For example, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has announced that some categories of heavy vehicle drivers may continue to drive with an expired medical until they can practicably obtain one.

And the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR), in collaboration with industry and the Commonwealth Government, is looking at how it can approve exemptions from medical requirements.

CPVV will be contacting currently accredited drivers who are due to submit a follow-up medical report with instructions on how these should be managed during the pandemic. In the meantime, these drivers can continue to provide CPV or bus services.

For more information see our pages on driver accreditation or maintaining driver accreditation.