Don’t risk driving on worn or damaged tyres.

That’s the message from Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria as it launches a month-long blitz focused on tyre safety.

Unroadworthy tyres are dangerous. They put drivers, passengers and other road users at risk.

Throughout March 2020, authorised officers will be carrying out additional checks on commercial passenger vehicles across Victoria looking specifically for issues with tyres.

Any vehicles with unroadworthy tyres can be taken off the road – and the driver or vehicle owner can be fined $413.

While the focus of the March blitz will be tyre safety, officers will also be checking vehicles for other issues. Drivers, vehicle owners and booking service providers are urged to check that they are complying with all their safety responsibilities.

Commercial passenger vehicle drivers should make sure their vehicle is safe to drive before every shift – and that includes checking the tyres for signs of wear or damage.

For more information on driver responsibilities, visit: Industry code of practice.