Intelligence obtained from the Dee Decker compliance activity earlier this year has led to unannounced bus depot inspections of two operators who also provide party bus tours.

Sixteen buses were inspected and all were issued with defect notices.

Eight of the buses inspected were found to have major defects that included:

  • Missing or damaged driver seat belts
  • Worn tyres
  • Major oil leaks
  • Seats with steel exposed
  • Non-operative brake lights.

The remaining eight buses had minor defects that included:

  • Minor oil leaks
  • Tyres on tread indicators
  • Shackle bushes worn
  • Discoloured headlight covers.

All 16 buses require roadworthy certificates following their repairs before they will be allowed to operate.

These results show accredited bus operators the importance of complying with their maintenance management system (MMS) to ensure that their buses are maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition at all times.

Bus Safety Victoria will ensure these operators identify and correct deficiencies within their MMS.

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