The Harbour Master’s Directions (HMDs) of Ports Victoria contain requirements to facilitate the safe and efficient operation of shipping within the port waters of the Port of Melbourne.

Ports Victoria HMDs also contain guidelines and special directions applicable to recreational vessels and domestic commercial vessels.

Guidelines and special directions exist:

  • for recreational vessels to keep out of the way of ships and vessels engaged in port operations in Port of Melbourne waters, and
  • for recreational vessels undertaking diving activities in Port of Melbourne waters, particularly in Port Phillip Heads.

Ports Victoria recently updated its HMDs, which clarify the requirements for masters of recreational vessels intending to conduct diving operations in port waters.

Diving flag

The requirement to display a dive flag (pictured) during diving activities is contained within the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules (VOZR) for all Victorian waterways as well as being repeated within the HMDs.

Image: Stay clear of big ships - they may not be able to see you or change course.