24 May 2019

Update 28 May 2021: NTM116 (P) of 2021 Mariners are advised that the the vessel Patricia Mary remains aground at Childers Cove Allensford, within the Bay of Islands Coastal Park, in the approximate position 38.26.316′ S, 142. 35.422′ E. and is no longer considered a hazard. The exclusion zone is no longer in force.

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) is coordinating a salvage of a grounded yacht ‘Patricia Mary’ on remote coastline near Warrnambool, while managing various public safety risks and operational issues.

The vessel is currently lodged between rocks at the base of a cliff, intact, with some hull damage.

A number of attempts to salvage the vessel were made between Wednesday and Thursday this week without success, and the operation was aborted on Thursday due to high risk sea conditions.

The operation has since ceased, as severe weather has been forecast in the area for the next 7 days.

MSV is monitoring the situation in partnership with Parks Victoria.

If the situation changes and the vessel presents any hazard to navigation, MSV will issue the appropriate warnings to other mariners.

On Thursday 30 May, MSV will reassess the vessel’s position and condition, and determine if it is safe to attempt further salvage .

The vessel is in the following location:

  • Allansford, between Warrnambool and Mepunga on the West Coast
  • Stranding site: Approximately 6 Nm East of Warrnambool opposite Lake Gillear.
  • Latitude: 38° 26.934’ S
  • Longitude: 142° 35.988’ E

Access to the site of the wreck is currently prohibited.

There is a sea exclusion zones in place extending for 1000m around the vessel.

All persons are strongly advised not to go near the area, due to personal safety and operational risks.