When registering or operating a CPV, standard conditions under section 43 or 46 of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 may be imposed. These apply to all registrations, with additional individual conditions possible.

Written notice will be given to vehicle owners about any conditions that apply to their registration. These conditions are part of the responsibilities of commercial passenger vehicle owners.

Maintaining your accreditation

Driver accreditation is continuous and doesn’t have an expiry date. It will only end if we cancel it or if the driver surrenders it.

To ensure your accreditation is not cancelled, you must:

1. Pay the annual fee.

You can do this via the user portal.

You will be invoiced for this annually, based on your accreditation anniversary.

The invoice for this fee will be sent 30 days before the due date, and payment instructions will be included.

Failure to pay the fee by the due date will result in the cancellation of your accreditation or vehicle’s registration.

Annual fee Cost
CPV drivers $34.00
Vehicle owner $55.10

2. Complete (and pass) the medical self-assessment

You must do this every three years (or annually if certain medical conditions are present). You can do this on the user portal.

It is important for the safety of passengers and other road users that accreditation holders maintain a certain level of health.

To maintain driver accreditation, all drivers must complete and pass a medical assessment every one to three years. Previously, this was completed by a general practitioner (GP) but  is now a self-assessment using the national Assessing Fitness to Drive Guidelines.

You must complete the assessment every three years, even if you don’t have any medical issues. However, if there is a medical diagnosis that affects your driving ability, drivers may need to submit a specialist or treating professional report annually or more often. Having a medical condition doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t keep your accreditation.

There is no fee required to complete your medical self-assessment.

You will be notified when it is time to complete your self-assessment. If you want to keep your accreditation, you must complete the medical self-assessment form within 28 days of receiving notification. Failing to do so may lead to the cancellation of your accreditation. If you need more time, contact us.


A notification will be issued asking you to complete the medical self-assessment via the user portal.

Using your smart phone or internet browser, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the user portal
  2. Select ‘medical assessment’
  3. Answer the questions provided below:
  • do you currently have, or have a history of, epilepsy, blackouts, musculoskeletal conditions, dementia, neurological conditions, cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, hearing loss?
  • do you have, or have a history of, a heart condition?
  • do you currently have, or have a history of, a psychiatric condition?
  • do you have diabetes?
  • have you ever experienced a blackout?
  • do you regularly take medication whose labelled instructions warn against driving and/or suggest caution when driving?
  • do you regularly use drugs (such as stimulants or drugs of addiction) other than medications, which may affect your driving?
  • will you be wearing glasses or contact lenses while driving?
  • do you have an eye or vision condition that may affect your driving; for example, poor visual acuity, monocular vision, double vision, visual field defects, poor night vision?
  • do you provide VicRoads with medical reports in relation to your driver licence?
  1. Click ‘submit’

Your responses will be assessed and, in most instances, you will be immediately notified of the outcome.

There is no requirement to see your doctor to complete this assessment.

If you wish to add a service type to your driver accreditation, or remove one, you don’t need to submit a new application or pay a fee.

Service types are:

  • Unbooked (taxi)
  • Booked only (hire car including rideshare)
  • Bus

Please send an email including your DC number and details of the service type to be added/removed to: [email protected]

Annual inspections

Every year, your vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection by a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester or by Redbook, which is the vehicle tester approved by Safe Transport Victoria.

We will let you know when it’s time for your annual inspection.

When requested, you must be able to produce evidence of the passed inspection. This evidence can be in electronic form.