Things to know before applying

A master of a domestic commercial vessel who is a holder of a certificate of competency as deck crew may apply for the issue of a local knowledge certificate. Holders of engineer level certificates of competency are ineligible.

Applicants should refer to the Local Knowledge Certificate: Determination for Masters of Domestic Commercial Vessels  for the specific requirements of some local knowledge areas.

Further information regarding local knowledge areas can be obtained from the relevant Harbour Masters and the following registered training organisations: Federation Training (for south-eastern areas); and Marine Training Services (for Melbourne and Geelong). The accredited training organisations may offer practical familiarisation and training in some of the local knowledge areas.

This form provides the information needed to apply for a local knowledge certificate. Applicants are required to demonstrate/provide evidence of training attendance, course completion and sea service requirements. For some applications, copies of supporting documents are required.

Fees and payment

The fee payable depends on the type of application and how many local knowledge areas are required. A local knowledge certificate cannot be issued until applicants have paid all fees.

Applicants do not need to complete an oral examination prior to submitting an application for a local knowledge certificate. Safe Transport Victoria (ST Vic) will notify applicants in writing regarding the conduct of their oral examination once their application has been assessed.

It is expected that applicants are well prepared and have a detailed knowledge of the area(s) in which they are applying for local knowledge certificates prior to attending an oral examination. Local knowledge certificate examinations include assessment of the applicant’s knowledge of navigational aids, geographical features, statutory requirements, marine traffic and other local characteristics, operational condition or anomaly which may relate to safety of navigation.

Please contact ST Vic at or on 1800 223 022 should you have any questions regarding this application.

A downloadable version of this form is available here.

It is an offence under the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) to give information that is false or misleading in order to obtain or attempt to obtain a certificate. Safe Transport Victoria (ST Vic) collects and holds the personal information provided in this application to assist the Director, Transport Safety (Safety Director) to administer the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) and Marine Safety Regulations 2012 (Vic). ST Vic is committed to protecting personal information in accordance with its obligations under the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic). The personal information provided in this application may be disclosed to other government agencies in accordance with section 306 of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) and section 177 of the Transport Integration Act 2010 (Vic). The individuals whose personal information is collected on this application have a right to seek access to this personal information and to seek correction of any error in the personal information held. All individuals whose personal information is included with this application should be informed of this fact. For more information on privacy please refer to ST Vic’s privacy statement at