To learn more about payment plans and requesting an internal review of an infringement notice, visit the Fines Victoria website or check the instructions on the back of your infringement notice.

Please note that the offence descriptions provided are just a summary and may not represent all the elements required to prove the offence. Fines are not negotiable.

Fines increase annually with the indexation of Penalty Units under the Monetary Units Act 2004. You can find a full list of current fines at the automatic indexation of fees and penalties, see automatic indexation of fees and penalties.

Fees and fines are set by law and may change. Some fees and fines are automatically adjusted each year by the Victorian Government to account for inflation and maintain their value.


Safe Transport Victoria issues a range of fines for improper conduct and to discourage unlawful behaviour around CPVs.

We can issue fines for failing to comply with vehicle standards, failing to provide a driver accreditation or vehicle registration certificate, or failing to display driver and vehicle identification.

The documents below list the fees and fines that Safe Transport Victoria is responsible for. These fees and fines are automatically adjusted for inflation.

The lists on this page are current as at 1 July 2022.

Please note:

  • If someone breaks a minor law, an enforcement agency can give them an infringement notice (on the spot fine) instead of taking them to court. The Maximum Court Penalty is the highest amount the court can sentence someone to pay. Infringement fines are lower than this maximum amount.
  • Although we tried to make the lists as accurate and complete as possible, updates and revisions may be needed.

Bus and Maritime

A transport safety infringement notice may be issued when we have reason to believe that a person has committed an offence against a transport safety or infrastructure law (other than a safety work infringement).

Transport safety infringements are prescribed in the Transport (Safety Schemes Compliance and Enforcement) Infringements Regulations 2014 (Vic).

Infringement notices are used to address lower-level offences in lieu of prosecution and may be appropriate where:

  • Relying on information and education is not sufficient to deter future breaches.
  • The severity of the breach can be quickly evaluated and is low enough to warrant a minor intervention, taking into account the applicable penalties.
  • Taking action on the issue will serve the public interest by increasing sector awareness and deterring future breaches.

A financial penalty will provide sufficient deterrent against repeat breaches.


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