What we can investigate

1. Safety incidents concerning vessels, buses, commercial passenger vehicles, or driving instructors.
2. Unregistered vessels, buses, or commercial passenger vehicles.
3. Persons lacking the required accreditation in the marine, bus, and commercial passenger vehicle industries.
4. Unregistered booking service providers.
5. Complaints related to booking service providers when you believe your complaint has not been adequately addressed.
6. Vehicle condition issues.
7. Reports of illegal activities.
8. Unbooked commercial passenger vehicle drivers failing to use the taxi meter.
9. Privacy-related complaints.
10. Incidents of fraud within the Multi Purpose Taxi Program.
11. Discrimination against individuals using mobility aids or assistance animals.

For complaints specifically regarding commercial passenger vehicle services or fares, we recommend reaching out to the Booking Service Provider or the service owner.

In cases of a serious crime, your initial point of contact should be Victoria Police. In emergencies, please dial 000 for immediate assistance.

Typically, when a complaint of this nature is received, Victoria Police will lead the investigation. However, you also have the option to report the incident to us, ensuring we are informed.

This approach enables us to take appropriate action, which may include canceling or suspending an industry participant’s accreditation or registration, thereby limiting their future involvement in that industry if they are deemed a public risk.

Instances that should be initially reported to Victoria Police encompass:

  • Assault (including sexual assault)
  • Theft
  • Incidents involving drink driving or drug use
  • Road rage
  • Vehicle accidents

Although we can provide general advice on the best course of action to take, we cannot resolve civil disputes or compensate customers for lost money or property.

Any complaints relating to a fare or fee or being overcharged should be referred to the booking service provider (BSP) or vehicle owner in the first instance.

  1. Your complaint will be promptly acknowledged.
  2. We will conduct a thorough investigation to identify the involved industry participant or entity.
  3. Based on the information you provide and our investigation findings, we will take appropriate disciplinary action. We will reach out to you if additional information is necessary.
  4. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution or experience undue delays, you have the option to request a re-examination of your complaint by us.
  5. At the conclusion of this process, if you remain dissatisfied with our handling of your complaint, you may consider reaching out to the Ombudsman.

Please note that as a first step, we encourage you to address service-related complaints with the booking service provider (BSP) or the service owner. It is essential to request a reference number for your complaint and provide comprehensive information regarding your concerns.

The types of complaints we may refer include issues such as failure to attend a booking, lateness, discrepancies in booking services, fare disputes, and driver behavior. All registered BSPs are required to have a complaints handling process, and we regularly audit them to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

A protected disclosure refers to a complaint or report concerning the behavior of public bodies or public officers, characterised as “improper conduct.”

Public officers encompass individuals who are members, officers, or employees of Safe Transport Victoria.

The Protected Disclosure Act of 2012 (Victoria) offers specific safeguards to individuals making protected disclosures. This procedure is commonly referred to as “whistleblowing.”

The primary objective of these protections is to safeguard whistleblowers from adverse actions taken in retaliation against them for their disclosures.