The owner or master of a domestic commercial vessel must report an incident to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

You need to complete the following two forms and send these to

Incident report form

Incident alert form

Always call triple zero (000) if you are involved in or witness an emergency.

If an incident has occurred but you are not in immediate danger, report it to Victoria Police on 1800 135 729.

  • Someone getting hurt or even losing their life due to something that happens while operating or navigating a vessel.
  • When a vessel goes missing or is assumed lost.
  • Collisions between vessels.
  • A vessel crashing into an object.
  • When a vessel runs aground, sinks, floods, or tips over.
  • Fires breaking out on board a vessel.
  • When a vessel loses its stability, putting its safety at risk.
  • When the structure of a vessel fails.
  • Close calls or potentially dangerous situations between vessels.
  • Any event that leads to the death or injury of a person on board a vessel.
  • When someone goes missing from a vessel.
  • When a vessel becomes disabled and needs assistance.
  • When a vessel causes damage to or becomes entangled with:
  • Underwater pipelines or cables.
  • Navigational aids as defined by the Commonwealth Navigation Act.